White Kite Studio | The Designer
Designer. Art director. Creative business coach. In 2014 I followed my heart and founded WKS as a place for work and play, a creative sanctuary to experiment, express ideas and make dreams happen.
small business branding
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Hi, I’m Anzel.

Designer. Art director. Creative business coach. (Side-hustling yoga teacher). In 2014 I followed my heart and founded WKS as a place for work and play, a creative sanctuary to experiment, express ideas and make dreams happen. With a background in advertising, one (cum laude) Information Design degree, and experience working and studying design in both New York and Amsterdam, I now dedicate myself to helping entrepreneurs like you reach new heights in life and business.


I believe in hard work. I also believe in rest. I believe in adventure, discovery and the beauty of nature. I believe in balance. These are the rules that I structure my life around, but it’s also the principles from where I design. 


My love for design and art started around the age of 8, at a specific moment when I was first moved by a painting. Since then, I’ve searched for (and mostly found) that same feeling by the art I could create myself. My biggest philosophy when creating brands for my clients, is that we first look for the feeling. What do you want your clients to feel? What about your business moves you?


Why I do what I do

I’m a firm believer that life’s too short to dedicate yourself to work that you don’t absolutely love. Having my own studio has given me so much freedom, and I feel lucky to be able to choose my clients and create the work that is a true refection of my style as a creative. I’m forever grateful for the lessons that I could learn from being an entrepreneur, and every brave and brilliant client who shares this rollercoaster of a journey with me.


I encourage entrepreneurship, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help entrepreneurs like you overcome your fear and craft a career from the things you love (just as I have).


I feel nourished by bringing your vision to life, planting ideas, simplifying systems and creating order through design. I pride myself in crafting each brand with as much love and attention to detail as I did for my own, because seeing your business blossom is literally the most rewarding part of my job.


If your heart is in it, then so is mine

Here at WKS I focus on forging strong partnerships with like-minded creative entrepreneurs, to first build solid brand foundations and then move on to developing a unique brand experience through crafted design and curated content. Whether you’re a seedling start-up or a blossoming enterprise, let’s fall in love with your business from the inside out!


I look for goal-driven clients that are ready to invest in quality and longevity.


My ideal client grasps the importance and power of strategic, well-designed branding, and is willing to set out the time and commitment to do things right. If that is you, then please get in touch. I would love to hear about your plans for the future.