White Kite Studio | The Pink Party
The Pink Party is a place for creative entrepreneurs to network, learn and get inspired. It’s an intensive 3 day workshop designed to get you focused, motivated and armed with a plan to take your brand from sad to rad in no time!
small business branding
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An extended 3-day workshop for creative entrepreneurs wanting to focus their brands, win over dream clients and grow their tribes.

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking to build a brand that reflects your personal style,

speaks your mission, captures and attracts your dream clients, and excites and inspires wherever it goes?


Do you yearn to make more real and meaning connections with your industry and following?


Are you ready to make some focused, positive and creative changes to your

business but can’t find the time or know-how to just do it!

Would you love to get excited about your business, branding and marketing again?

Now is your time!


What is the Pink Party, and who is it for?

The Pink Party is a place for creative entrepreneurs to network, learn and get inspired. It’s an intensive 3 day workshop designed to get you focused, motivated and armed with a plan to take your brand from sad to rad in no time! Whether you’re just starting out or already have a brand, I invite you to spend three days with me and get yourself on the road to beautifully branded success and making more money doing what you love.


Branding small creative businesses is my absolute passion, and I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with other creatives. You will be learning and connecting with fellow business owners while I inspire you with the power of branding and digital marketing, all in a beautiful environment over some good food and drinks. I’ll show you how to map out your goals and strategies, create an experience for your customers and network, market and brand yourself for success.


To get the best idea of what we get up to, please have a look at the below galleries of past Pink Parties.

What will you get?

Only the best venues, food and décor


It’s not just about learning and growing as an entrepreneur, but also (very much) about the experience! The Pink Party is a beautiful 3 day workshop held at a premium venue, made up with all the bells and whistles for a proper Pink Party. All 3 days will include a delicious breakfast and lunch with coffee/tea, juice and mineral water. I carefully pick our venue for the best views and atmosphere, and collaborate with talented local chefs to bring you truly creative pink inspired food. I also understand that creative people love to be surrounded by beauty, so every Pink Party is decorated and styled in a different way to inspire and excite my guests with something new every time.

aLoads of content coverage and practical worksheets


Each guest will receive their own, beautiful hard-bound and embossed workbook/manual with practical worksheets and exercises, plus all the valuable content that I’ll be presenting. This book (worth R3500) will be a real treat to work from and refer back to.  You will also receive 6 digital worksheets that will help you to save time and get things done after the workshop. An entire day of the workshop will be dedicated to intensive branding exercises in smaller groups, so you can get better feedback and apply what your learning right there and then. There will also be a special guest speaker that will share his/her experience in a specific field to inspire and enlighten you.

Amazing prizes and gifts


Each guest will receive an awesome goodie bag filled-to-the-brim with exciting and (obviously) gorgeously branded products and treats to the value of R1000. You will also stand a chance to win multiple special prizes from contributing brands, as well as a free one-on-one brand consultation session with Anzel to the value of R3000.

aPost-workshop support and guidance


Not only will there be many Q&A opportunities at the workshop, but you will also get access to a private Facebook alumni group for post workshop support, feedback, inspiration and guidance.

Networking cocktail party


What’s a Pink Party without pink bubbles?! On the last day of the workshop and after all is done and dusted, you will be treated to a stylish cocktail party to network and celebrate the new journey that you’ll be embarking on. This will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know some new friends and absorb 3 days of learning, while you snack on beautiful pink canapés and sip MCC.


What topics do we cover?

Goal Setting & Planning


We will take a critical look at your business and see where we can make room for improvement. I will help you to make crucial, manageable and precise goals for the different aspects of your business.


Branding & Development


Learn about the different aspects of branding and how they work for your business. We’ll then move on to discuss your own brand values, target audience and design and how they can all tie together to promote your style and vision.


Online Marketing


Learn how to plan and grow your tribe. I’ll cover various marketing tactics and channels including social media, blogging, email marketing and SEO, and how they can work harder for your business.


Building Community


Get some tips and ideas on how to grow your following, connect and collaborate on a deeper level with your clients and industry, and combat envy and comparison.


Rave Reviews

Book your seat now!

5, 6 and 7 June 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Please pop me an email at courses (at) whitekitestudio.co.za to reserve your spot.