3 Comprehensive strategy courses for my clients


As part of my branding service, I also offer my clients 3 courses to complete in preparation for the branding process. This helps us both to understand your business from the inside out, and to create the kind of work that will speak loud and clear to your brand personality, values and ideal client. We zone in on 3 of the most important aspects of starting, building and maintaining a successful business.

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1. Business plan

AU$300 (3 videos and 3 worksheets)


  • Create a logical, structured and actionable business plan that will give you clear direction, point out your strengths, and plot your unique position amongst your competitors.

  • Cultivate a deep connection with your ideal clients, and how you can position your brand to become their Best Friend Forever.

  • Structure a clearly laid out plan of action and gather the confidence you need to make your business goals a reality.


Business Plan worksheet

Goal setting worksheet

Meet your ideal client worksheet


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2. Brand Positioning

AU$300 (3 videos, 3 worksheets)


  • Get laser sharp focus on who your brand is and what you stand for.

  • Cultivate a much better understanding of the scope of branding and how it can work harder to elevate your business and brand message.

  • Gain tools to help you create compelling and personality filled copy for your website, social media and beyond.

  • Get practical tips and ideas on how to create better customer experiences.


Brand personality, values and visual branding

Brand tone/voice and style sheets

Creating a brand experience


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3. Online marketing

AU$300 (3 videos and 2 worksheets)


  • A skillset to make blogging, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO meaningful and targeted.

  • Practical cheat sheets for creating a beautiful, on-brand and engaging social media presence (especially on Instagram).

  • A step-by-step guide on how to create better online marketing strategies.

  • New energy, motivation, inspiration and confidence to go out there and take your business to new and exciting heights!


Content creation worksheet

Online marketing strategy



Group workshops

If you’re searching for motivation, new insights, confidencecommunity or just a fresh start, then this is the course that will deliver! The Pink Party was designed to focus, inspire, empower and connect creatives and born entrepreneurs.


The Pink Party is an intensive 3 day workshop designed to help you make focused, positive and creative changes to your life and business. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a brand, you’re invited to spend three days with me and get yourself on the road to beautifully branded success and making more money doing what you love.

Branding small creative businesses is my absolute passion, and I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with other creatives. You will be learning and connecting with fellow business owners while I inspire you with the power of branding and digital marketing, all in a beautiful environment over some good food and drinks. I’ll show you how to map out your goals and strategies, create an experience for your customers and network, market and brand yourself for success.