2018: A year for rest + free any-year calendar


Happy 2018 friends, and welcome back to the hustle! I took the longest break of my career last year during a 3 month travelling adventure. Closing my business for that long seemed impossible at first, but somehow it actually worked out. It was an incredibly transformative time for me where I came to a very important realisation.

To be productive, is not the only objective in life!

Before and even during my big break, I felt super guilty about not working. I felt bad about not creating, almost like I was falling behind somehow. It was only after I came back, that I understood the true value of breaking away like that, and I realised that I’ve actually been taking big steps forward while I thought I was standing still.

To rest is not the destination. To rest is part of the journey.

We live in a world where everything is about MORE. More work, more money, more stuff, and we obviously want all of that to make us more happy. We’re taught that “hard work” is the path to more, and that nothing else will get us there. But that’s not true.


The biggest truth that I found during my travels is that rest, self-nurture and disconnection from the digital world is the cure to so many ailments in our society. Rest for your mind, body and soul will fill you with energy and positivity, and essentially make you MORE productive when you need it.

Let’s make 2018 a year for rest.

I’ve designed this freebie any-year calendar just for you, as a way to set monthly goals for rest. Don’t make it too big (and possibly unattainable), but actually pay attention to setting intentions for small things that will help you to rest.

Make rest your #1 goal for 2018 and see what happens. I have a feeling that you’ll be just a surprised as I was. Pulling back, will push you forward.

Simply download and print this A3 calendar on any thick paper stock that you like. Most good printers will also give you the option for ring-binding on the top. Enjoy, but remember, only for personal use guys! 

Download this free any-year calendar here.