A deeper shade of pink for the second Gauteng workshop

I always say that it’s the people that make each workshop special, and with this Pink Party we really had the most wonderful group of women in the room. A life coach, a ceramic artist, an illustrator, a baker, a designer, a photographer, a dress maker, a lifestyle/food consultant, a parenting blogger, a natural haircare maker and and and…! We had dynamic conversations and it was a total pleasure to make the circle bigger and add 17 more creative entrepreneurs to our alumni group that now stands at 89. Yes, 89 people, with 20 more to come in November when we bring the workshop home to the Western Cape!

I’m not going to recap again on any of the content or cool stuff that we get up to at the workshops, since I’ve already written quite a lot about it hereherehere and here. You can also check out the workshops link for details, photos and videos or email workshops@whitekitestudio.co.za for more info. For this post, I’d rather like to focus on the things that don’t always meet the eye. What is this workshop really about at it’s heart?

Well, I got an email this week that I thought needed some discussion. The email was from someone that wanted to book but instead said that she didn’t believe the workshop content held enough value. She felt like she already knew most of what will be discussed, and that she could not justify the price for 3 days of “glitz and glamour” (ouch). I believe she’s a marketing manager for a bigger company and that is perfectly fine – she probably does know a lot more than what we can cover in 3 days. The point however is this. I would hate for people to think that the workshop does not offer much more than a glitzy 3 day experience and pretty pictures that I get to blog afterwards. Yes I focus on the pretty things for this workshop, but it’s more to do with the fact that I want to create a beautiful, inspirational space for women to connect. It’s part of my overall brand experience and what adds value to the workshop. As for the content, here is what I believe everyone should know before they sign up.

1. We all tend to work more in our business than on our business

Isn’t that true? It certainly is for me! Every day is a hustle to keep up and we never get enough time to sit, focus and work on our own brand and what we can do better. That is EVERYTHING that this workshop and the content is all about. Getting back in touch with that dream you had in the beginning and putting some love and attention back into your brand to make it work harder for yourself and your ideal clients. The workshop is a solid, clearly thought out structure that helps you to build a strong new foundation for you business. It’s “dedicated time” to say the least, and that is a lot more than most of us are giving to our businesses at the moment.

2. Don’t take my word for it, speak to my guests

89 people has given testimony to how much they took from this workshop and that the topics and discussing we had around it was totally worth the experience. Yes, we dress up, eat good food, sip on MCC, decorate the room and it all looks super fabulous, but let me tell you, there is a lot more going on than what meets the eye. We work HARD HARD HARD over those 3 days, and every person that walks out of there always has a whole suitcase full of new energy and ideas to take their business to new heights. Don’t ask me, ask my guests. They are the proof.

3. It’s about community

Besides all that amazing content, there’s also the fact that you can sit in a room full of other women that dream exactly like you do. We understand each other, learn from each other, inspire each other and bounce ideas off each other in the most positive of ways. We become friends afterwards and so many awesome collaborations have formed from this workshop. The thing that is rare about this workshop is that we form a supportive community of like-minded professional women that are all making shit happen for themselves. I’m so proud of every brave person that’s attended, and I’m glad to call you my tribe!

And on that note then, here’s some credits: Like always, thanks so much to my friend and talented florist Judy from The Delicate Nature for helping us to glam it up. Eighty Ate Food Company, your BLEW OUR MINDS with the most creative and delicious pink inspired food ever! And most of all, thanks to Jeanel from Lace on Timber for a beautiful space, all the help in putting things together and for being a really wonderful person to work with on this. This is a beautiful new venue in Pretoria, so do check them out if you’re looking for a place in that area. The service was incredibly! Then last but not least, thanks to the lovely Roeleen from Simply Written who graced us with her presence and knowledge as a guest speaker on copywriting. It was lovely to see her again and observe how her business has flourished since she attended the Pink Party more than a year ago. I could not have done this without all of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy these snaps by talented Gauteng photographer Migneon Marais from Pritti.


“This is not merely a ‘workshop’ This is a skill-set. For all business owners, people in this for years and those just starting out, Anzel teaches you how to forge the sharp point of your arrow, how to handle the bow, and how to ensure you hit your mark. Cannot recommend it enough!”



“The Pink Party Workshop was three intense days of good vibes and incredible insights! Anzel gave so fully of her knowledge and herself through very practical ideas and processes to grow a creative business as well as sharing her personal journey and the insights she has learnt along the way. It was such a positive, constructive, productive and powerful few days. I left with some very clear next steps and an excitement to follow through with those ideas.”



“I have been wanting to attend this workshop for basically a year now and have been looking forward to it for a very long time since I booked. I saw it as a reward to myself for making it through my first year of working for myself. I must be honest, as much as I looked forward to this, I did’t want to expect too much as I knew I had to be realistic in what to expect from a workshop. However, looking back, it has been the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. Anzel took me out of my so very loved comfort zone of keeping things and thoughts to myself and got me to speak up. She helped me to figure out my purpose, vision and mission for my business. It was all right there in front of me, I just didn’t ever take the time to think about it and put it into words. This was an incredible experience and it was really magical to be in a room full of dedicated, hard working and passionate women.”



“The Pink Party was everything I expected it to be, and more! We were challenged to answer really tough questions about the brands we are building, and these helped so much in gaining insight into how to build more successful and smart businesses. Anzel is an incredibly savvy business woman who I thoroughly enjoyed learning from. I loved that the workshop allowed me to set aside three full days to work on my business, without the daily interruptions when working in the business. I left feeling inspired, encouraged and empowered!”