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What is more boho beautiful than a gorgeous floral crown? In honour of the Wild Bohemian theme (and for all the girls dreaming of summer days) here is an easy step-by-step DIY to make your own unique floral crowns.

Whether it’s a special occasion like Mother’s Day or a gift of love and admiration to a friend, I simply love making wreaths! It’s a bit of a hobby for me, and I’ll pounce at any opportunity to make one, so I was delighted when I was asked to make a boho inspired wreath for the Pretty Blog last year. This wreath can be carried as a ‘wreath bouquet’ or worn as a bold headpiece, either way, you’ll love making it with your bridesmaids for the big day! A wreath should be an artistic expression, so feel free to use any flowers, go big or small and just have a little fun with it!

This DIY was originally featured on The Pretty Blog.

Items you’ll need:

Sharp scissors

10-15 pieces Floral wire

1 roll Floral tape

Flowers and greenery of your choice

Lacy ribbon

Thick wire to make a base loop, about 60 cm


1 Make a loop with some thick wire (big enough to fit around your head) and make two little loops at the ends by folding the wire around itself. this will be the base of your wreath.

2 Snip off the blooms you want to use so they have about a 7 cm stem, and remove all foliage from the stems.

3 Make lots of little bundles of flowers, mixing and matching elements as you like. Wrap them together tightly first with some floral wire and then with floral tape. Leave about 10 cm of the tape at the end of each bundle.

4 Tie some lacy ribbon around the loops at the end of the wire base.

5 When you have several bundles made, begin attaching them to the wire base loop. Use the tail of tape on each to secure the flower bundle to the wire. You can also use some extra floral wire to wrap around the stems to secure it even more. Continue adding the bundles in the same direction until the wreath is complete.

6 Add some boho details like lacy ribbon or leather strands.

Photography by Dehan Engelbrecht


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