Oat Bathmilk in Three Scents DIY


Earlier this year I collaborated with Jesse, from Lulu & Marula, to bring you a beautiful, 100% natural bath milk in three scents. All you have to do it mix some common household ingredients together and wrap it up with a pretty tag around it – it’s that simple. It’s the perfect gift or self-indulgent treat for the winter months to come!

Adding milk to bathwater has long been used as a beauty regime (even by Cleopatra) to soften and moisturise the skin. The lactic acid found in milk is a natural exfoliant that will gently remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh and younger looking skin, without stripping or irritating the skin. Milk is also very soothing for dry skin and packed with Vitamin E and zinc, which will help slow down the ageing process and improve skin elasticity.

For this DIY we made a Camomile, Geranium and Rose scented Bath Milk. The recipe will give you 4 cups of bath milk powder, so you can easily make one of each flavour like we did. Camomile will calm and relax the mind while soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. Geranium is used to restore and revive the senses while balancing the skin and improving elasticity. Rose (even though expensive) is a wonderfully uplifting scent that will recharge the soul, boost circulation and restore balance to the skin.

This DIY was originally featured on The Pretty Blog and you can download your free tags here.

Items you’ll need:

2 cups Powdered Milk

1 cup Cornstarch

1/2 cup Baking soda

1/2 cup Old fashioned Oats

3-6 drops essentials oil of your choice

3 Air-tight glass containers 300 ml each

2 sheets sturdy white paper to print on


A paper punch

Some neutral coloured ribbon or twine

Flowers for decorating


1. Put the oats in a food processor and process until finely ground.

2. Put all the measured dry ingredients in a bowl and mix together until well combined.

3. Add the essential oil and mix well.

4. Scoop out the mixture into 3 air-tight glass containers.

5. Print and cut out the DIY free Milk Bath Tags by White Kite Studio on some sturdy white paper.

6. Punch a hole in the white circle and insert some ribbon through the hole.

7. Tie the tag around the bottle and decorate as you want

8. To use, put 1 cup of the mixture into your bath. Mix it up well. Soak and relax.



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