The 6th Pink Party felt like coming home!

One year, six workshops, and I couldn’t have asked for a better showstopper than this. The last 13 months has been an incredible adventure, with 108 (yes) women joining me for this special experience. I’m finished, empty and I’ve given it my all, but my heart is full in knowing that all of these women left with something valuable. I made new friends, connected creatives, and truly feel like this has become a community of professional women that are going places!

Three of these six workshops were held over the last two months, and to be honest, it was exhausting. I traveled to Durban, then Gauteng, and ended it off here in the Western Cape last week. For this last workshop I was very honoured to have been invited by a brand spanking new workshops venue in Stellenbosch to host their maiden event. The Styling Shed is PERFECT, and a super stylish space for creative workshops or small events. The physical space is beautifully decorated, spacious and clean, and there’s also only positive things to say about their service. Please do check them out if you have ideas for a workshop of your own, or if you’re just interested in creative workshops in general.

Women traveled from far and wide (Namibia and Kathu included) to attend this last workshop, and of all the groups I’ve ever had these girls just immediately fell in love with each other. The tight and positive group energy was something that everybody commented about afterwards. I was also spoiled with beautiful gifts from Carien, Anica and Suzanne and just wanted to say thank you again  I feel so humbled to know that you felt touched by the experience. We also celebrated two birthdays on the same day during the workshop, and were treated to some surprise cupcakes by our LOVELY caterer and friend The Food Fox.

Taking about the catering, I really just need to make a special mention here, because Ilse is seriously just one of the most incredible women. THANK YOU Ilse for consistently giving this workshop your best. People were ecstatic about the food once again, and I could not have asked for better. Also, thanks so much to Leipzig Floral Design for their beautiful creations, and to Jesse from Lulu and Marula for being our guest speaker on copywriting. Also, thanks so much to the goodie bag sponsors (Zana, Maria Magdalena Atelier and Prestwich Collection) for all the treats, I loved collaborating with you and my guests felt so spoilt! Then lastly, to my trusted assistant and design partner Fiona, you are a talented young lady and I’m so incredibly grateful for all the support you’ve given me over the last months. She’s also the one responsible for these lovely pictures, so give her a shout if you ever need a photographer or assistant.

Then, for all of you that wanted to attend but could not make it for these last three, I have some pretty special news. The Pink Party course will be going digital in 2017!!! Keep you eyes peeled for news on this development in January, however (do not fear) I will still be hosting another Pink Party next year in May. If you’d like to read more about this event, make sure to check out some of my older posts for more photos and videos. Alternatively, sign up to the newsletter in the sidebar and I’ll keep you in the loop!


“The Pink Party experience was was an absolute self-love investment in myself as a business owner and my business. It’s been just a few days since attending The Pink Party and I can already see the creative sparks of doing things a little differently in my business. Anzel’s tools and approach is clearly evident in her work. She walks the talk and has created a meaningful and effective workshop that’s filled with magical “aha” moments and lots of encouragement for things I wasn’t entirely certain about. Everything relating to my business now feels connected and purposeful. The Pink Party is a treasure of practical information to anyone looking to start a new business and for already-established creative entrepreneurs that need a bit of perspective, from the outside in. From one creative to another, I feel empowered and so grateful to you for sharing your talents and vision with me. Thank you Anzel!”



“The Pink Party Workshop is probably the only Workshop of it’s kind that provides all the information you need for successful branding and marketing of your business. It’s perfect for both start-ups and businesses that are already established. The Pink Party Workshop helped me to channel millions of ideas into a workable and focused business strategy. It is clear, concise and breaks through the clutter, not to mention the networking possibilities! I would recommend it to any small creative business entrepreneur.”



“The Pink Workshop refreshed, re-focussed & re- energised me, and gave me new ideas, energy and excitement for my Brand. I can really recommend this to anyone who owns a small business – whether your business is young or whether you have been on the block for several years.”



“Attending the Pink Party Workshop enabled me to look at my brand in a completely new and fresh way. I can now clearly see where I want to grow my brand and business and I am ready to simplify and make the right changes to get there.”



“After day one of Anzel’s pink party workshop, I woke with what I like to call a brain hangover. To put it plainly, my head was bursting with new information. Day 2 and 3 of this workshop was like someone had refreshed the computer screen of my mind. The info was there, but someone had come and made it sparkly and new. All of sudden I had this new burst of energy to channel into my business. I realised I was going about new ideas the wrong way and why it is important to create a proper plan of action. I learnt about my brand voice, personality, who “she” is, what she likes. I learnt that I have to make her my ideal client’s BFF – so simple and yet so effective! Anzel is a wonderful mentor and she gives all her knowledge freely. I was forced to ask myself some difficult questions and the answers triggered a series of thoughts and sparked new ideas, it was exhilarating.”