When is the right time for a rebrand?

Some of you might have noticed a few changes around here. White Kite recently got a facelift and I’m super pleased with our fun new look! We’re no longer a wedding stationery studio plus the business is expanding to another continent, which is probably reason enough for a rebrand… However, the old branding was only 2 years old and you might be questioning whether it was really necessary. You might also be looking at your own branding and wonder whether it’s time for a change…

If that’s you, then here’s 4 questions to ask yourself, before you take the plunge.

Does your business have too many loose ends?

At it’s core, great design is about creating order and flow in your business. If your brand is feeling disorganized, inconsistent and disjointed, then it’s definitely due for a clean up. A rebrand from a good designer will help pull all of the loose ends together by streamlining your documents and processes in an exciting and beautiful way. You definitely want every interaction with your business to feel consistent and impressive, to create a sense of trust with your clients, improve your overall customer experience and make your own life easier.

For the WKS rebrand I focussed on 3 main documents to improve the flow of our work with clients:

1. Our contract was rewritten to include some important points about fonts, images, communication, ownership, files etc. It’s such a relief for me, and I’m sure that it will also really help our clients to understand the process beter and feel more comfortable.

2. I designed a nifty and pretty brief form for the copy writers and photographers that we work with, so everybody can get on the same page quickly and easily.

3. I also expanded on our brief forms, so my clients can come to grips with what they are trying to achieve, and I know exactly what needs to happen in terms of design.

Not getting the clients you want?

A rebrand is not just about creating a new look and feel, but also a valuable opportunity to refocus your brand personality and values so it speaks to the heart of your ideal client. If you feel like you’re not getting the clients you want, then it’s probably time to check if your ideal client can relate to what you currently stand for, visually.

WKS didn’t want to attract any wedding stationery clients anymore, so we’ve had to go a little more serious and gender neutral. We want our branding and content to inspire and empower our clients and fans. Our brand personality is:

1. Insightful and organised.

2. Energetic, free and creative.

3. Bold but delicate.

I’d love to know if you think our new looks fits the bill?

Feeling deflated?

Change is as good as a holiday. So, if you’re feeling like things have become a bit stale and old, then a fresh new look could be just the thing you need to rekindle the spark. A fresh new outfit = new energy and confidence to tackle new ideas and broaden your horizon.

We’re jumping continents guys! A new look will give me the confidence to introduce us to a completely new market, which truthfully, is kind of freaking me out at the moment…

Is it worth the investment?

So many small businesses avoid a rebrand because they feel like it might be too expensive. However, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I’d recommend that you at least explore the possibilities. A rebrand has the potential to turn everything around for your business, and will always be worth the investment if it’s done right from the start.